MY SISTER SONG Mission Statement

My Sister Song is a faith-based outreach and support group for women in the sex industry and victims of human trafficking in the Metro Detroit area, and our mission is to help women understand their great value to God and their ability to impact others around them for generations to come through their stories.  Our desire is that they would experience freedom through relationship with Jesus Christ, connection to people who care about them, and through resources and professional services made available to them.


Our Vision


Our vision is for women to understand their great worth and realize that God has a purpose for the life of each woman and every woman has a story that matters.  The Holy Spirit empowers us through God's will, His Word, and His church to go where His daughters can be found.  Our desire is that women will know they are created by God to live whole, joy-filled lives and to experience meaningful relationships free from pain, addiction and bondage of any kind.  We long for women to feel connected to the infinate God, incredible friends, and meaningful service. 



How We Began


Not long ago some dear friends of ours asked me and my husband to stand up in their wedding.  On the night of the rehearsal, our pastor took me aside and told me about a girl named Harmony Dust who was coming from CA to speak at our church and share her story.  He said she used to dance in the strip clubs of Los Angeles and that she does some amazing things for the girls who work in the clubs in her area.  He wanted to know if I would prayerfully consider starting a ministry like hers locally. 

Harmony arrived and not only did I find her story compelling, but I saw a lot of myself in her.  Our stories may not be identical, but we’ve definitely walked down similar roads as we know so many women have.  We understand that people like us are not evil but just need a chance heal and find our way.  I believe this is the heart of our God and thankfully is the heart of our pastor at Connection Church!  Needless to say, it did not take me long to determine I wanted to do everything possible to connect with these girls and just get the chance to love on them a little. 

A few months later my friend and I were on a plane to CA so we could learn from Harmony how to best serve our sisters in the clubs and My Sister Song was created.  Teams of very cool compassionate women, many with similar backgrounds, want to go with me into the clubs to give lovely little gift bags filled with cosmetics, jewelry, baked goods and love notes to the girls…Just little things to let them know there are people who love and understand them and recognize that God loves them with a fierce passion.  We also have a devoted team of prayer warriors who are dedicated to lifting these girls to the most-high God in prayer for their safety and God’s blessing on their life.  Each woman who contacts My Sister Song receives an individualized care package intended to bring inspiration and to encourage her in her faith, and we also make available a variety of resources and ways for her to get connected as she desires in order to bless her on her journey.  I consider it an honor to be able to serve God and these girls in this way! 

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