These are difficult times we live in and the world can be a lonely place filled with so much pain and struggle.  So here you will find stories of women who like every other woman, has had her own journey to walk.  Some of us have backgrounds in the sex industry and some do not.  But we know there are things that all women have in common; we’ve all been hurt in ways we didn’t deserve, and we’ve all done things that weren’t the best choice.  The women in these stories have discovered that by allowing God to not only participate in their journey, but to BE the journey, the world can be a beautiful place in spite of its challenges.  We can dream big and live a life filled with purpose and love no matter what we've been through!  If you’ll read these stories with your heart, it is my prayer that you will hear MY SISTER SONG and that you will consider your own, because you do have one you know… :: Band Website Design Builder