This is an important and intimate part of our ministry!  Requests to join our on-line prayer team can be done at or through the website.


List of ongoing prayer needs:

Women We Serve

·        For the spiritual and emotional growth and healing of every woman My Sister Song is working with

·        For the ongoing growth and healing for those that have left the industry

·        For financial provision and employment for all of the women trying to get back on their feet without working in the sex industry

·        For all of the women across the world who are working out their healing daily, and for greatly affecting the lives of everyone they come in contact with


·        For freedom, healing, accountability and support for men and women struggling with sexual addictions and drug/alcohol dependency


·        For the families of those in the industry and those struggling with addiction

·        For healing and restoration in marriages that have been impacted by the industry

My Sister Song

·        For the spiritual wellbeing of the entire team working so hard to help heal these young women.  And for favor, provision, protection, wisdom and ongoing direction for My Sister Song Founder Laura Urenda and all who give of themselves to live out the vision of this ministry 

·        For more people to be stirred to action :: Band Website Design Builder