·        Cosmetics - Gather brand-new cosmetics, small lotions, perfume, nail polish, etc for gift bags.  No hotel toiletries or hygiene products please.  All quantities are appreciated. 

·        Jewelry – New and Un-used jewelry to be used for gift bags.

·        Gift Cards – Kroger, Gas Stations, WalMart, Target, etc to help with transitioning out of the industry.  Also, $3-$5 gift cards from Panera, Tim Hortons, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, etc that we use for developing relationships with club managers & owners. 

·        Office Supplies – office paper, labels, printer cartridges (hp 60 color & black)

·        Gift bags – 4X6 Organza bags (all colors), paper gift bags, cello bags for baked goods


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