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I want to thank Barbara Dean Franklin for having me on her show! This woman has such a heart for the community, and is truly an absolute delight! Her love for God and his people, and for anyone that hurts is so evident, and she gives the best hugs in the whole world. Thank you having me Barbara, and for seeing value in what we do.   http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/43228608



I want to take the time to thank Nakisha Chaney for inviting me to speak at the HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND OUR CHILDREN:  Detection, Protection, Prevention at the Boys and Girls Club.  What a wonderful turn out in spite of pretty horrific weather conditions.  It was an honor to share the floor with Deena Policicchio and Nicole McGee, and I love that so many teens were present.  What a powerful, productive event for empowering the youth and uniting the community in the fight against human trafficking!  May God bless all who were involved in this important event!



I really enjoyed my speaking engagement for Real Moms that meet at Calvary Baptist so much!  What a loving group of women who take parenting extremely seriously and do it with great joy.  They have a lovely breakfast while providing support for one another and they proactively care about issues in the community such as human trafficking.  I gotta give it up for REAL MOMS… What a great group of women!




I want to take the time to thank KATHY MAITLAND from MAP for having me speak at her VOICES FOR JUSTICE group!  I LOVED that people braved the weather conditions to come out to learn about My Sister Song and the reality of trafficking in their community.  I’m excited about some wonderful connections that were made and appreciate so much that they are passionate about playing their part in the war against human trafficking.  May God bless and expand the efforts of Voices For Justice!




What a powerful, wonderful time it was speaking at the Fundraising Event for ADULTS & ADOLESCENTS IN MOTION!  It blessed me so much to see such a young, sharp, focused group of women on fire for God and for change!  The event was beautiful as they paid attention to every detail, the Skyline Club is gorgeous with a breathtaking view, and the food was delicious.  Best of all was all the important information shared, the opportunity for networking, and the willing hearts of all who attended as a community in the fight against human trafficking.  It was a great event from and for a powerful group!  A.2.I.M ROCKS!  


My Sister Song would like to take the time to thank everyone involved in the HUMAN TRAFFICKING IN OUR MIDST Event.  It was a privilege to stand alongside of Private Investigator Richard A. Sands as he shared the pain of losing his own granddaughter, a victim of human trafficking, and the Agents from the U.S. Border Patrol who shared their expertise and gave the community signs to look for.  And THANK YOU to everyone who came.  We met so many wonderful people!




Brett and Jolene Royer from CONNECTION CHURCH had a EUCHRE TOURNAMENT to raise funds for MY SISTER SONG! It was the coolest, most fun, unique event to be a part of that raised a substantial amount of money! On behalf of My Sister Song, THANK YOU to all who made it possible and THANK YOU to all who attended. What a great turn out!!


My speaking engagement at the First Baptist Church of Mt. Morris MI was fantastic! Senior Pastor Mark Conn is very passionate about making an impact on the sex industry in their area. This church is made up of such a beautiful, loving community of people, and since the engagement, a group is rising up and started MY WHITE TATOO, a strip club outreach that is already being welcomed into their local clubs. God is certainly busy in Mt. Morris!




My Speaking Engagement and fundraiser at CONNECTION CHURCH was fantastic.  Speaking to 2 packed houses with my pastors was an honor, and I believe it was affective in many ways and accomplished many goals.  Thank you to the beautiful industry and ex-industry girls that participated in the video interviews as well.  Your stories are powerful and will bring healing to many!  And the FUNDRAISER was a success and will lend to all that we’re doing in some very constructive, life changing ways so thank you to all who participated.  We love you Connection Church.  Thank you for loving My Sister Song in such proactive ways! XOXO




I cannot tell you how much I value and appreciate CELEBRATE RECOVERY. Special shout out to Jonathon Sherman for recognizing the similarities in our ministries, and for paving the way for me to speak to CR groups. There is nothing more precious than the people at CR who are willing to get real with their struggles, and desire God’s best for their lives. How can you not love that!! So THANK YOU Celebrate Recovery and Gods richest blessings to the ministry and every single participant! XO


Teresa Tomeo is an author, speaker, media consultant, and broadcast journalist that keeps her finger on the pulse of all that’s happening in today’s world, and she cares very much about the suffering of women, to include misunderstood women in the sex industry and victims of human trafficking.  She recently invited me to speak for a second time on her Ave Maria radio show in an effort to delve into some of these issues and learn more about My Sister Song’s effort in making an impact in the Detroit Metro area.

Thank you to Teresa Tomeo and God bless her for her own light that shines and for all she does, and especially for having heart for what My Sister Song is doing!





I want to express my gratitude for all of the recent speaking opportunities I’ve had at Connection Church!  The men at the Men’s Breakfast were so welcoming and supportive, as were the women at all the many bible studies as well.  MOPS is made up of such a precious group of mothers raising their children in the Lord and it was such an honor to be able to address them about My Sister Song.  And THANK YOU to all who attended my Info Meeting!  I appreciate every application I’ve received and feel so blessed and excited by all the gifts and abilities people are bringing to the My Sister Song Team!  *A special mention to Tami Frailey… You’ve been helpful in such a variety of ways that do not go unnoticed and are deeply appreciated!! XO 

These are interesting times we live in and what a privilege it is to be able to be a part of the unique way God is seeking out and showing love to His daughters! 





What a special time it was with the sweetest group of women.  We met in the pastor’s home and the atmosphere was warm and casual.  They listened as I shared about who we are, why we care, my own personal story, and the variety of ways they can be involved.  They asked interesting questions and showed great support by indulging in our T-shirt and resource table, and here’s the best part…They’re talking about throwing My Sister Song a BRIDAL SHOWER!!  Is that COOL or what?!!  The symbolism alone is so powerful.  Just as Christ shows his love to His Bride (the church), so too will Community Baptist as they shower industry girls with gifts of love!!  More to come about that soon so stay tuned…

In the mean time, THANK YOU COMMUNITY BAPTIST (Garden City) for having a heart for what we do!!!! And a special shout out to Amy Sisco...YOU ROCK GIRL!  XOXO


Christa Albert CD Sales DONATION to My Sister Song

My Sister Song wants to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts To Christa Alert for sharing a portion of your CD sales with us during the May Fundraiser.  Your heart matches your talent which is so huge and wonderful.  For anyone interested in experiencing the extraordinary talent of Christa Alberts as she poured her heart and faith into her new CD entitled "MY SONG", you can still purchase it at www.christaalberts.com even though the promotion no longer applies.  It's beautiful music...You will be blessed!


                                       Training for Strip Club Outreach Planting was excellent! 


The gals from Metro South attended our intensive 2 Night Training Course because they share a vision for women to  know they are created by God to live whole joy-filled lives and to experience meaningful relationships free from pain, addiction, and bondage of any kind.  So we now have affiliates preparing to begin outreach down river in the Trenton area! 


CALVARY BAPTIST’s End Of Year Bible Study Brunch  

This speaking engagement was such a wonderful experience!  So many women with such beautiful hearts gathered to share all that God was doing in their lives and revealed to them during their time of exploring truths of the bible together. The presentation of delectable food was lovely with all the tea pots, cups, and place settings, and they welcomed My Sister Song with open arms and were very interested to learn what we’re about and all that God is doing in the lives of our sisters in the clubs!  Calvary Baptist has shown support in such a precious variety of ways and My Sister Song will be forever grateful.  Blessings to all the ladies at Calvary Baptist…You totally ROCK!!



COMMON GROUND - Sister to Sister

I really wish the recipients of the gifts could see all that goes into preparing for the club outreaches, only so they would know more fully the love for them that motivates us, which brings me to all that went into the event held for us through COMMON GROUND at Connection Church.  The theme of the event was “Sister to Sister” which brought together women from all different churches, denominations, and backgrounds, to not only worship together as one body and enjoy a time of socializing and networking over yummy snacks, but everyone pitched in providing for a ton of gift bags exploding with goodies for these precious women working in the clubs!  The girls were genuinely excited and appreciative of the gifts, and all who participated entered the clubs with us in spirit as we loved on the girls in keeping with the Sister to Sister theme that “Every sister is a rose”.  So My team and I want to give a heartfelt shout out to all the Common Ground Girls that partnered with My Sister Song in order to bless our sisters in the clubs.  THANK YOU & BLESSINGS TO YOU!!













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